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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 5PM  CBS  January 5, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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hospital bed, 90-year-old jay leone of greenbrae tells me it took more than fire power to defeat a burglar who held him captive yesterday. turns out he outsmart the man who kicked in his front door. leone says the burglar held him at gunpoint and ordered him not to move then scoured the house for valuables and then leone convinced him to use the bathroom. he had a .357 revolver in the restroom. he grabbed it ran back and pointed it at the burglar. >> he opened up, first shot. >> reporter: leone a former marin county sheriff's deputy paused and then returned fire. he said the gunman begged for his life but he emptied his weapon anyway. >> i looked him straight in the eye. don't kill me, don't kill me, i got a daughter. i said [ bleep ] you. bleah, bleah, bleah, bleah,bleah. >> reporter: three of the five shots hit their mark. >> i got him right there first
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right in the head and then pow on the shoulder and pow, pow, pow. >> reporter: the gunman rushed leone, took the gun away and tried to shoot him with his own weapon and failed. >> he was rough with me. put the gun to my head, pulled the trigger and went click. then he panicked and ran out the door. >> reporter: a little complicated to follow that wrestling match but once again, the gunman described by police as a 30-year-old man wrestled leone's own gun away from him but he already emptied it and it went click into his head. for some reason the gunman didn't use his own gun on leone and he is grateful for that. he panicked and ran away. he is facing attempted murder charges and he is in the hospital in much worse shape than mr. leone. >> i'm sure he is. but i'm thinking mr. leone
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having shot all of those rounds emptying his weapon, saved his life. >> reporter: yeah. and you know, he knew what to do. he had training and he had a plan and i guess that's his message to folks out there. he was really -- he was grateful that so many people had well wishes for him and he wanted people to know that. >> had an attitude, too. don't mess with him. >> reporter: mm-hm. >> thank you. other news tonight. california's budget deficits now projected to be $9.2 billion for the fiscal year that begins july 1. the governor introduced the budget in sacramento today, which is five days ahead of schedule. why did he do that? the state finance department mistakenly posted the details online. governor brown said the deficit is actually smaller than last year but still proposes cutting $1.4 billion in welfare, cuts to public education are possible, that's if voters in november reject the plan to raise taxes later this year. >> the tax program we will
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eliminate the budget deficit finally after years of kick the can down the road. and we'll begin to pay back the wall of debt. >> the tax proposal includes raising the income tax on those whose incomes are $250,000 a year or more and raising our sales tax by half a percent. the governor says if voters don't agree to the tax increases, those so-called trigger cuts will go into effect. that will take five billion dollars from schools, courts, universities and state public services. san jose's mayor chuck reed and the city council have been pushing for pension reform to cut their costs. now they are looking at their own retirement plans. a committee headed by the mayor unanimously approved a proposal that would take steps to eliminate pension plans for the mayor as well as councilmembers. pensions of course hot button issue in budget talks as costs ballooned into the hundreds of millions of dollars. oakland has recorded its first homicide for 2012.
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it was a teenager who was having some difficult times struggling to make a better life for himself. this comes just days after oakland's last homicide for 2011 which was a little 5-year- old boy. christin ayers on how authorities plan to reduce gun violence in this new year. reporter: the city has had a plan to target the 100 most violent blocks in oakland since summer. but that plan did nothing to save that 5-year-old boy and a college student with a bright future snuffed out. reporter: as the memorial piled high at the spot where 5- year-old gabriel martinez, jr., was shot, family and friends streamed into a mortuary to grieve over his tiny casket. martinez was shot friday when gunfire burst out near his parents' talk he could truck on international boulevard. oakland's 110th and final murder of 2011. across town, a much smaller memorial and a tragic beginning to a new year. >> i loved him like he was my family. >> reporter: a teenager gunned down wednesday night in east oakland became the first homicide of 2012.
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19-year-old isaac white was a foster kid. he had had a hard life both parents behind bars. he was attending laney college to make something of himself. >> he was a good kid. he was a good kid. he wasn't involved in any violence or crime. >> it's bad. he couldn't even live out his dream, couldn't even complete college. the only one in his family that's going and he couldn't complete it because of senseless violence in oakland. >> reporter: the same gun violence that's taken the lives of three young children since last summer, martinez, 3-year- old carlos nava and hiram lawrence just weeks from his second birthday. >> one of the ways to combat the violence in oakland is the 100 block program. >> reporter: it's a program that mayor quan kicked off using agencies to target 100 blocks in east and west oakland where 90% of homicides happen. but for martinez and white help in these parts came too late. >> it's like devastating. now you end up dead the first homicide of the year. >> reporter: police are asking anyone with information on
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either of these cases to call the tip line on your screen. they say both of these investigations are developing but they have no suspects and have made no arrests. allen? >> thank you, christin ayers in oakland. other bay area headlines tonight, the electricity is back on for about 7,000 customers who lost power in san francisco this morning. pg&e said an outside contractor damaged a power cable while digging on mcallister street near fillmore. it caused outages in the western addition and laurel heights neighborhoods. it did take pg&e about two hours to repair the damage. about a dozen "occupy" oakland protestors were arrested this morning in frank ogawa plaza. officers moved in late last night dismantling a teepee at city hall that had become a symbol of the movement. the city initially allowed that structure under certain conditions that were later violated by demonstrators. protestors met today to plan their next move. in south san francisco, police are warning drivers to keep an eye on their cars and
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their trucks. thieves are stealing catalytic converters. police say 19 have been ripped off in 12 days all of them from toyotas. catalytic converters have platinum in them. president obama announced a nearly half trillion dollar cut in military spending. while america's fighting force may be thinning out the budget, the pentagon vows u.s. forces will maintain their edge. tara mergener explains the new defense department strategy. reporter: president obama made a rare appearance in the pentagon press room to defend massive budget cuts to the u.s. military. >> so yes, our military will be leaner but the world must know the united states is going to maintain our military superiority. >> reporter: the president is cutting $450 billion in spending and hinted at cutting troops. pentagon officials promised the troops that remain will have the best technology at their
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disposal. >> and the reality is you could face a land war in korea and at the same time face threats in the strait of hormuz. we have the capability with this joint force to deal with those kinds of threats. >> reporter: with the war over in iraq and fewer troops in afghanistan, pentagon officials say the focus now is on asia and the pacific region where new challenges exist. the president is slashing the defense budget because congress ordered billions in cuts in a budget deal and the pentagon may have to chop another $500 billion starting next year. the new budget plan also looks at new ways to deal with a growing cost of military healthcare and retirement benefits. >> as our newest veterans rejoin civilian life, we'll keep working to give our veterans the care, the benefits and job opportunities that they deserve and that they have earned. >> reporter: president obama knows he is going to face criticism for his cutbacks especially from republican presidential candidates who have questioned his commitment
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to national security. tara mergener for cbs news, the white house. first the fright, then the fatality. the death of a baby bison in golden gate park and why it got so scared. a real cliffhanger comes to a sudden end. how the suspect who held police at bay managed to slip away in the dead of night. how about the towering walls of water at mavericks? who is out in the ocean there? how dollar signs have lured them out.
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bison have been a tourist attraction for well over a y. but today the h we know golden gate park's famous bison have been tourist attractions for over a century. well, today the herd's a little smaller after one of its youngest died in a very bizarre accident. mike sugerman with details on what spooked the animal. mike. reporter: allen, we don't have a lot of details. what we do know is that it might have been something to do with a dog that may or may not
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have been in the dog park that got into the bison paddock which is right next door, right next to it, somehow it got in and seemed to spook the bison. but from there, we don't know exactly what happened. reporter: bison have co- existed peacefully with all other animals in golden gate park since they were brought here in 1877. until now. >> we have no record of an incident like this in over 100 years they have been in the park. >> reporter: yesterday, just before 9 a.m., at least two small dogs not leashed burrowed into the bison paddock. >> the dogs were chasing them around and then the buffalo ran into the side of the -- the railing and injured itself and had a big cut on it. it was like an open wound. >> reporter: zookeepers looked at the baby bison one of seven who came here a few months ago. she had three broken ribs but otherwise seemed to be okay and was put back in the paddock. later in the afternoon, though, she was found on her side dead.
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>> the coyotes it's assumed have dug several little holes and they just -- the dog just got under there and they were small. >> the fence is designed to keep the bison in and people out. >> reporter: but dogs? officials say they are reviewing their protocols. the paddock was updated with new fencing only a few years ago. dogs are supposed to be leashed in all parts of the city except 28 designated parks. the one next to the paddock is one of those but the paths surrounding it is not. the dogs responsible were linked to a dog walker who was cited for failure to use a leash and for animal disturbance. >> archer... come on, buddy. >> reporter: we saw at least a few dogs off leash next to the paddock today. >> i was under the impression was off least. >> it's well posted, i think the owners respect the leash laws because we don't want to lose the right to use the parks that we can. so there's a lot of areas that are really kind of iffy. >> reporter: so the initial thinking is that possibly the dogs scared the bison who ran
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into a fence and then broke those ribs and maybe got the cut but we don't know for sure -- zoo officials are performing right now allen a necropsy. that's an autopsy on an animal. and we'll find out more in the next day or two. >> you know, it makes sense u i have seen dogs chase young deer and they get spooked, scared and they lose track of where they are and what happens. so it seems plausible i guess. >> reporter: right. this is a young bison who probably never saw a dog before. >> right. >> reporter: because so young and it's a urban bison. you know. how many dogs do you see? >> thank you, mike sugerman. spending nearly 30 hours on a cliff appears to have paid off for a burglary suspect. told you about this yesterday. san francisco police say the man was hiding out on the side of telegraph hill and apparently slipped away last night when police left. he waited them out. he had refused to come down from the cliff since tuesday night after police thought he
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stole a ring from an apartment. police left at 7:00 because it was too dangerous for officers to attempt an arrest in the dark. prosecutors say the claims were misleading. the costly settlement for a dietary supplement distributor and what it promised that it apparently could not prove. big wave riders having a rather swell time at mavericks. these are no ordinary surfers. are any of them ordinary? why these in particular are braving the monster surf. from the cbs 5 weather center, good evening to you. we have a foggy and also a breezy night in store for us. and then tomorrow, surf is up as you just saw from our video. but the advisory you need to know about as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5.
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a series of what looked to be coordinated bombs today in iraq have left at least 73 people dead, dozens of others hurt. the worst of the attacks came near in a syria where a suicide bomber killed 44 shiite muslim pilgrims. bombs in baghdad killed 25 more. recent religious violence was sparked by dispute last month between iraq's shiite prime
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minister and sunni vice president. most of the republican candidates are crisscrossing new hampshire ahead of the campaign primary. with four days left, randall pinkston explains how they are making the push for those undecided voters. reporter: rick santorum is campaigning like an underdog in new hampshire. >> thank you. >> reporter: because that's exactly what he is. despite a strong second place finish to mitt romney's in iowa, the former pennsylvania senator is in last place in this more moderate new england state. >> i have spent a lot of time here and i trust the people of new hampshire. >> reporter: but he is getting some attention. before the iowa caucus, had you given santorum any consideration? >> no. >> reporter: now because of the caucus? >> yes. >> reporter: why? >> i really didn't -- i didn't know anything about him. so when i heard that he did so well, i definitely am interested. >> reporter: this is one of five campaign stops santorum is making in new hampshire today. he gave romney a run for his money with his amazing finish
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in iowa but catching romney in new hampshire. he is comfortably ahead in the polls and left this afternoon to campaign in south carolina. but before romney left, he continued his attack on president obama. >> it's killing jobs. this president is a crony capitalist. he is a job killer. >> reporter: newt gingrich is using a series of town hall events to reach out to his party's right. >> governor romney in the end has a very limited appeal in a conservative party. >> reporter: the candidate who perhaps has the most to lose here is jon huntsman, who bypassed iowa to focus his energies on winning new hampshire. his daughters told "the early show" his low poll numbers are not discouraging him. >> not looking at the poll numbers but just, you know, working our hardest until the final day. >> reporter: they are four more campaigning days and two more debates before tuesday's primary. randall pinkston, cbs news, concord, new hampshire. general motors is having chevy volt owners to bring their cars back to the dealers to lower the risk of battery
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fires. gm says it's going to tweak the car to help prevent fires from coolant leaks which could happy guess if the volt is hit from the side. among the changes, upgrades to the steel structure and liquid coolant system so the battery pack is better protected. dealers make those modifications for free starting next month. >> reporter: a canadian company accused of using false advertising to sell dietary supplement has agreed to pay $1.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought by 10 california counties. prosecutors say iovate health sciences made claims its products could cure colds and diseases but didn't have any scientific proof. they also accused the company of not disclosing high levels of lead in another product which fortunately is no longer being sold. a fiery and spectacular show put on by nature in italy. mount etna spewing lava and smoke. the mountain covered with snow at the top producing more smoke
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because of melting ice and vaporization. it's been 50 days since aetna's last eruption. surf's up in mavericks. the three month window force the big wave surf contest is open now but organizers say they really don't expect a contest to happen for another month or so. so why are these guys out there? they are stunt doubles for the upcoming movie of men and mavericks. that's due out later this year. oh, yeah. so that was not gerard butler out there, then, right? >> no. i think he had his little run- in and he as good. they got enough film of him. >> the surf will be up to 30 feet in mavericks and that's still not big enough for them. they are anticipating 40-foot swells in the next month or so. but nevertheless, we want to point out to you that there will be a high surf advisory going into effect for the entire san francisco coastline from 6 p.m. tonight through 6 p.m. on friday night as the swells build to 16 feet. but tack on at least 10 feet to
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that at mavericks. these are the northwest-facing beaches. right now, temperatures very mild into the low 60s for the most part. a few mid-50s. san francisco checking in at 56 degrees. official sundown is at 5:04. our live cbs 5 camera from mount vaca, visibility unlimited two days in a row with record warmth. santa rosa at 70, tying an old record from 2003. 67 degrees tied a mark in moffett field in oakland at 67 bested that record setback in 2001. we will have some areas of patchy dense fog developing in our inland areas some of that tule fog seeping in through the back doors of our backyards inland. so for the most part it will be mostly clear, but boy, the winds are increasing at the coast. northwesterly 20 to 30 dialing back after midnight. it will pan out to be sunny tomorrow but quite not as mild or warm as it was today. as we look at the pacific ocean, we have storm after storm stacking up out there
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like planes at sfo, but because of a huge dome of high pressure diverting the jet stream well to the north of the bay area, we're not recipients of any kind of precipitation. it's riding well into the pacific northwest. we will see some of this cooler air mass work its way into our bay area. across the state, we'll be socked in at the state capital. it will become partly sunny in the high sierra with no snow on tap. 55 in yosemite and we will clear out in fresno in the 60s. tonight overnight 37 degrees for the cool spot at the delta to 42 degrees in santa rosa. mid-50s common around the seashore. tomorrow's numbers coming down into the 50s and low 60s. a little bit more seasonal and typical from what we should experience this time of the year. the extended forecast calls for sunshine, offshore flow through the weekend. that is your pinpoint forecast. eyewitness news will continue right after this.
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sinking of the titanic. andr the first ti from snow to icebergs. this april marks the 100th anniversary of the sinkin of the titanic. items from the oceanliner will be sold for auction. manuel gallegus reports. reporter: they are artifacts from the legendary oceanliner titanic. a diamond-studded bracelet, a vest from a third class passenger. >> it was in a suitcase that was fully packed with william henry allen's clothes for his new life in america. >> reporter: since the wreckage was discovered in 1985, 5500 items have been recovered. all of them from the debris field 2.5 miles below the surface of the western atlantic. a silver mesh purse, the white star-lined china, a luggage
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tag. the actual ship considered sacred has not been touched. one person recovered many of the delicate items himself. his favorite a little ceramic souvenir. >> i don't know what it was. but each time i saw it on expedition, i said i like this object. >> reporter: on april 11, exactly 100 years to the day of the titanic's maiden voyage, all the items will be auctioned off. but everything must be sold to one buyer. a judge ordered the collection worth nearly $200 million to be kept together to preserve its historic value for the public. >> it's a remarkable collection. it's an honor to work with it. and you really actually sort of in your research start thinking of everyone on the ship as a friend. >> reporter: researchers hope to return to the debris field. there are countless more items to recover. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new york.
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i'm dana king. here's what we're working on for the 6:00 news. hundreds of lucky grocery store shoppers hacked. why some banks refuse to reimburse the victims and even dropping them as customers. the cbs 5 consumerwatch exclusive. and the clean-up costs millions. now evidence that a bay area superfund site is just as toxic as ever. that and more at 6:00. we'll look forward to. thanks, dana. thanks for watching us at 5:00. "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is


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